Texas’ Leading Addiction Treatment Programs

Starlite Recovery Center helps individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in the heart of Texas, Starlite is the leading provider of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment for adults ages 18 and over.

Our Adult Program

Our Adult Addiction Treatment Program at Starlite Recovery in Texas

The Adult Program serves male and female clients ages 18 and up. This rehab program is generally 30 to 35 days in length; changes in lengths of stay are considered on an individual basis and are based on clinical needs. All adult clients are assigned a primary case manager as well as a small group for engaging in group process.

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Our Emerging Adult Male Program

Neoteric Program (emerging adult male program for young men ages 18-26)

This 45-day rehab program helps clients face their substance use issues head-on and prepares them to re-enter the world as healthy, happy, well-adjusted young men. This is a highly-experiential program and utilizes a wide array of activities including a ropes course, hiking, fishing, kayaking, equine therapy, and organized sports to help show the clients that they can live a full life without using alcohol or other drugs.

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Our Faith-Based Treatment

The Journey Christian Addiction Recovery Program

The Journey Program is a faith-based approach to rehab, designed specifically for those who desire a Christian perspective to the recovery process. Available to anyone wishing to participate, this non-denominational program provides a certified Christian counselor to help clients build and strengthen their faith throughout their time at Starlite.

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Our Family Program

Our Family Treatment Program for Addiction Recovery

At Starlite Recover Center, family members of loved ones in treatment have the unique opportunity to attend a 2-day family program, which includes a combination of education, family and multi-family group process, and skill-building.

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Our LGBT+ Program

The Freedom Program, exclusively for those who identify in the LGBT+ community

For clients identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-queer, intersex, or asexual (LGBT+), addiction to alcohol and other drugs can be a complex issue. Some of the primary issues these clients face on their journey to recovery include depression, anxiety, and trauma; feelings of shame, guilt, and rejection; confusion and self-identity conflicts. The caring staff at Starlite understands the unique needs of these clients and knows that with the right care and support, lifelong recovery from the disease of addiction is possible.

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The comprehensive treatment programs at Starlite were able to help my husband find true sobriety and peace with his inner self. I can't recommend the treatment programs enough!

– Mary E.