Frequently Asked Questions

Starlite Recovery Center provides answers to common questions from clients and potential clients seeking addiction treatment.

Who do you treat?

At Starlite, we treat both men and women ages 18 and older.

How do we address the needs of the individual?

We treat clients on an emotional (therapy), spiritual (12-Steps and Journey Track), physical (ROPES, gym, person trainer availability, and swimming), and cultural level (LGBTQIA, Journey Track, and professional groups) through individualized treatment planning.

What kind of discharge planning do you all do?

The developing of the client’s individualized discharge plan starts the day the client admits.  Our discharge plans are for 1 year and their main objective is to help facilitate long-term recovery.  Each discharge plan will have goals and objectives for the client to work towards.  The counselor will help the client set up appointments with IOP, individual therapy, meeting places and times in the area the client is discharging to, and we follow up with the client for one year after discharge.

What does the family weekend consist of? Will the family meet with the therapist?

Families have the option to meet the therapist on Fridays and will need to be set up in advanced by appointment.  There is also the option to do a family session by video with the counselor and the client.

Family Weekend starts on Fridays.  Friday consists of educating the family about the disease of addiction and alcoholism.  On Saturdays, the client and family get an introduction to Al-Anon and deeper education on the disease.

How long are the one-on-one sessions with the therapist?

These sessions will last one hour.

How many times a week do clients meet with their counselor?

They will need once a week for an hour long individual session and meet daily for group therapy.  Their counselor will be their coach and treatment planner throughout treatment.

How many counselors does Starlite have on their staff?

There are twelve counselors when fully staffed.

How many doctors are on staff?

Starlite has Medical Director Dr. Bryan Davis who is a double board certified addictionologist and 2 part-time doctors that assist on the weekends.

How many nurses are on site?

We have two nurses stationed on campus. We always have nursing on staff 24 hour.

What does it mean that we are a dual diagnosis facility?

We can help people with co-occurring disorders where substance abuse is primary.  We are not a psychiatric facility. The mental health has to be secondary and stabilized prior to coming to Starlite.

The client will learn coping techniques through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Talk Therapy, Reality Therapy, and will be taught coping skills to help manage their substance abuse in conjunction with their mental health.

Can I bring my computer to treatment?

No, but we have computers here that can be used at counselor’s discretion.

Do you cater to dietary needs?

Yes, Starlite provides a nutritionist for the client to meet with. We offer a salad bar and baked alternatives for clients as well.

What do you offer in regards to pain management?

We offer yoga, stretching exercises, acupuncture, massages, and non-narcotic pain medication prescribed by our doctor.

Compared to the other options, Starlite Recovery Center was the only one that was able to help me make a breakthrough. It was obvious that Starlite's staff were experts in their field, and everyone was great!

– David G.