Texas’ Leading Adult MAT Program

With opioid addiction at epidemic levels worldwide, accessible and effective care is more important than ever. Opioid use disorder can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life, including their relationships, employment, and physical and mental well-being. At Starlite Recovery Center, we recognize the far-reaching impacts of opioid use disorder and provide evidence-based care to help those who are suffering reclaim their health and happiness.  

If you’re struggling with opioid abuse, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programming we offer. We can provide you with the personalized services you need to achieve recovery from opioid use disorder and function better in your day-to-day life.  

About Our MAT Services

MAT is a research-backed method of treating opioid use disorder that combines the use of prescription medication and professional counseling services to help individuals end their opioid use safely and maintain recovery. It is endorsed by many well-respected organizations, like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), as a first-line treatment for opioid use disorder.  

At Starlite Recovery Center, we are pleased to offer MAT for clients in both our residential program and intensive outpatient program (IOP). MAT services are provided on an as-needed basis and seamlessly integrated into our clients’ personalized care plans. We strive to empower individuals to work toward healthier futures by delivering MAT programming that can help them enhance their social well-being, improve their occupational outcomes, and experience a better quality of life. 

Those who take part in MAT receive medications that can reduce the urge to use opioids and alleviate painful withdrawal symptoms. The use of prescription medications helps individuals safeguard against relapse, which can be especially beneficial as they navigate the early stages of recovery.  

Clients also participate in a variety of therapy sessions. By providing an opportunity for them to gain insight into topics related to recovery, address the underlying causes of their opioid use, and establish meaningful relationships with staff and peers, counseling sessions play an integral role in each client’s healing process. 

Our team recognizes that recovery requires a lifetime commitment, which is why we place great emphasis on continued care. We offer detailed discharge planning to help our clients remain successful after their time at our facility ends. Aftercare plans are tailored to the needs of each client and can include referrals to community resources as well as a local MAT provider. 

Medications Used During MAT

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several medications for use in MAT that, when combined with counseling, can effectively treat opioid use disorder and promote lasting recovery. These medications work by eliminating cravings, blocking the effects of opioids, and easing withdrawal symptoms, which can decrease a person’s risk for relapse and help them fully focus on the therapeutic element of MAT. 

Our medical director, Dr. Davis, leads the MAT program and carefully selects which medication is the best fit for each client. To recommend an appropriate medication and dosage, Dr. Davis works closely with our clients to evaluate their overall health as well as their past and current drug use. Our staff monitors each client and can adjust their medication and dosage as needed to help them remain comfortable and on track with their goals. 

In MAT programming, we offer several medications, including: 

  • Buprenorphine: Buprenorphine can be taken as a sublingual film, sublingual tablet, or injection. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain, which helps alleviate the painful physical symptoms of withdrawal and decrease psychological cravings. When taken under the guidance of a professional as part of MAT programming, buprenorphine can help clients end opioid use safely and lower their risk for relapse.  
  • Suboxone: Suboxone, which can be taken in sublingual film or tablet form, is a prescription medication that contains buprenorphine and naloxone as its active ingredients. Buprenorphine works by interacting with the same receptors in the brain that are typically activated by the use of opioids, while naloxone is an opioid blocker. This means that if a person attempts to abuse opioids while taking Suboxone, they will experience adverse effects because naloxone counteracts the effects opioids have on the brain. Because it was developed specifically for the treatment of opioid use disorder, Suboxone has a very low risk of dependency. Additionally, clients who take Suboxone as part of their care plan will not experience cognitive disruptions, which means that they can continue to work, go to school, and participate in other daily activities.  
  • Vivitrol: Vivitrol is a form of naltrexone clients can receive through monthly injections. Vivitrol’s long-acting nature can make it a convenient option for clients because they do not have to worry about taking the medication daily.  

Medication used as part of MAT programming should be tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances and always taken under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. To learn more about the FDA-approved medications offered at our facility, reach out to our team today. 

Therapeutic Component of MAT

Our goal in providing MAT programming is not just to help our clients manage withdrawal symptoms but also to promote their mental health. While medication can provide physical relief during recovery, it cannot wholly treat opioid use disorder. For this reason, we offer therapy sessions to help support each client’s social, emotional, and mental wellness.  

In counseling sessions, our clients can explore the behavioral aspects of opioid use disorder. They can openly discuss their feelings, process emotions, and get to the root cause of their substance use. By gaining a better understanding of the factors that might have led them to misuse opioids, they can make positive behavior changes, identify triggers, and develop valuable coping skills to prevent future relapse.  

We offer a range of therapy sessions, including individual, group, and family counseling, across our levels of care. In these sessions, clients can benefit from the expertise and guidance of our counselors, who take the time to get to know each person so that they can help them make meaningful progress during therapy.  

Why Choose Our MAT Program in Center Point, Texas

At Starlite Recovery Center, we recognize that each person’s recovery journey is unique, and we are committed to offering comprehensive, personalized care that is designed to address the specific needs of our clients. By choosing our MAT program, those who are suffering can receive specialized services that can help them overcome the complex challenges of living with opioid use disorder and build a solid foundation for recovery. 

Clients who receive MAT services at our facility can benefit from: 

  • Evidence-based care: MAT is backed by extensive research and clinical evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness in reducing cravings, preventing relapse, and supporting sustained recovery. 
  • Comprehensive care: MAT services are integrated into our residential and intensive outpatient programs, providing seamless continuity of care for individuals at every stage of their healing journey. 
  • Personalized care plans: Our experienced medical and clinical staff works closely with each client to develop a care plan that is tailored to their needs and goals. Whether someone requires medication management, counseling, or other services, we are here to support them every step of the way. 
  • A safe and supportive environment: Located in the serene hill country near San Antonio, Texas, our facility offers a peaceful setting that is conducive to healing and self-discovery. We have activities, including mini golf, horseback riding, and a ropes course, that provide opportunities for recreation, enhancing each client’s overall care experience. 
  • Expert medical supervision: MAT programming is led by a medical director who has a wealth of experience and extensive training. Those who receive MAT services with us can rest easy knowing that they will get the highest quality of care in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • Holistic support: MAT combines the use of prescription medication with counseling to address the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects that may impact a person’s struggles with opioid addiction.  

At Starlite Recovery Center, we can help you discover the joy of a substance-free life. If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid use disorder, we encourage you to learn more about our lifesaving MAT services. Don’t wait to take the first courageous step toward a brighter future. Contact us today to speak with a member of our caring admissions team.  

The comprehensive treatment programs at Starlite were able to help my husband find true sobriety and peace with his inner self. I can't recommend the treatment programs enough!

– Mary E.