Texas’ Leading Treatment Center for Co-Occurring Disorders

Starlite Recovery Center helps individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving the Texas community, Starlite is the leading provider of drug abuse treatment for adults ages 18 and over.

As Texas’ leading drug and alcohol treatment center, we pride ourselves on offering superior care that has helped countless individuals overcome addiction. Our innovative programming options and the invaluable support supplied by our staff of compassionate and qualified professionals are what makes us stand out as a leading provider of chemical dependency treatment in the great state of Texas.

At Starlite, we know that many of the clients who choose to heal with us are battling more than just an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, as it is quite common for those grappling with chemical dependency to also struggle with the symptoms of a mental health condition at the same time. At Starlite, we recognize the link between addiction and mental illness and have made ourselves ready, willing, and fully able to supply care for the following mental health disorders:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression

During the process of admissions, clients are screened for the presence of these mental health conditions if they do not report a history of suffering from such illnesses. Our admissions staff does this so that our clients can receive the most appropriate and effective care possible that will be able to meet each and every treatment need. Rehab treatment for any existing mental health condition will be incorporated into a client’s treatment plan in addition to the other therapeutic interventions that are aimed at defeating addiction.

We, at Starlite, believe that those who receive treatment at our pioneering rehab center will obtain the necessary and exemplary help needed to begin the recovery process so that a healthy and happy future can be attained. By including care for co-occurring mental health disorders, our clients ultimately stand the best chance of maintaining recovery, as the alleviation of mental illness symptoms can significantly decrease the likelihood for relapse.

If you or someone you love would benefit from Starlite Recovery Center’s world-class chemical dependency treatment that includes care for mental illnesses, give us a call today. Begin your healthy and sober life with us. We are here to help.

My son, unfortunately, has multiple mental disorders. However, Starlite Recovery was able to help him learn to cope and heal. Starlite truly changed and saved our son's life!

– Nicole K.