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Recovering synthetic drug user shares addiction story

Presented by NBC 4 News San Antonio: Recovering synthetic drug user shares addiction story details a young man’s journey to recovery though Starlite.

Inside Heroin Addiction 

Presented by NBC 4 News San Antonio: Inside Heroin Addiction details a story of recovery at Starlite for a 24 year old struggling with addiction.

Building Pride—Recovery in the LGBT+ Community

Presented by Unity Online Radio: Members of the LGBT+ Community face unique challenges in recovery. Societal attitudes have for too long burdened this community with isolation, shame, and confusion. LGBT+ people are claiming the right to supportive, understanding resources that build the foundation for long-term recovery. Special guest Lisa Hinson, LCDC, shares why addressing issues such as self-esteem, healthy sexuality, sober relationships, coming out in recovery, high-risk factors of using, and spirituality—is essential. Lisa is a Certified ARISE Interventionist and Certified Offender Educator with more than 15 years’ experience in the substance abuse and mental health fields. She is Immediate Past President of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals and is currently a Clinical Representative for Starlite Recovery Center. Listen now.

Compared to the other options, Starlite Recovery Center was the only one that was able to help me make a breakthrough. It was obvious that Starlite's staff were experts in their field, and everyone was great!

– David G.