The Journey – Texas’ Leading Christian Recovery Program for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Starlite Recovery Center helps Christians struggling with addiction and mental health disorders build a strong, faith-based approach for long-term recovery. Located in the heart of Texas, Starlite is the leading provider of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment for christian adults ages 18 and over looking to seek recovery and further their faith.

A Christian Approach to Recovery

Starlite’s Journey Program is a faith-based approach to rehab, designed specifically for those who desire a Christian perspective to the recovery process. This non-denominational program provides a certified Christian counselor to help clients build and strengthen their faith throughout their time at Starlite.

The Journey Program is open to anyone wishing to participate. Clients join weekly process groups that combine Christian beliefs with evidence-based, psychological principles in order to treat the whole person, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Comprehensive Treatment Experience

In order to provide a well-rounded, truly comprehensive treatment experience, the Journey Program incorporates a variety of activities into the care offered. These include:

  • Daily journaling
  • Bible study
  • Twelve Step group meetings
  • Meetings with chaplains
  • Meditation
  • Celebrate Recovery meetings

Encouraging & Growing Faith During Faith-based Recovery

As Texas’ leading drug and alcohol treatment center, we recognize and appreciate that each individual client brings their own unique background and set of life experiences that made them who they are today. We strive to offer programming that meets our clients’ needs, both in their lives and in their recovery. We have found that those who rely on their faith during their time in treatment often flourish when provided with the opportunity to engage in a program that not only encourages that sense of faith, but helps them grow that faith.

The counselors in the Journey Program are dedicated to helping clients overcome the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns through traditional therapeutic interventions, while also remaining true to a Biblical foundation of support.

Developing & Practicing Life-Changing Skills

At Starlite, we have created a relaxed, judgment-free environment that offers religious support. Along with their newfound sobriety, participants practice the necessary skills that allow them to leave the program as confident, contributing members of their communities.

According to Swetnam, “here at Starlite, the participants of the Christian program learn how to fill their time with positive things and participate in sober activities. This program truly helps young men take that next step on their personal road to lifelong recovery.”

My faith is such a huge part of my life, and I truly believe that being able to incorporate that into my treatment process was a defining factor in my ability to heal. The compassion and understanding of the staff at Starlite, and their willingness to use the foundation of my faith in creating my treatment plan, is something I will be forever grateful for.

– Diana F.