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Starlite Recovery Center in Texas helps individuals struggling with Benzo addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. The expert & caring staff at Starlite will help you or your loved one smoothly transition from detoxification to our residential rehab center.

About Benzo Abuse Abuse Recovery

Learn about Benzo abuse treatment at Starlite Recovery Center

Benzodiazepines, which are often referred to as benzos, are a category of substances that includes the prescription medications Valium, Ativan, and Xanax, among others. These medications are often used to help treat conditions such as sleep problems, seizures, and anxiety disorders.

Because benzos can provide pleasant side effects like relaxation and a sense of detachment from one’s surroundings, these substances are popular among individuals who are looking for a recreational high. When not taken as directed by a medical professional, the use of benzos can lead to tolerance and addiction.

If you are addicted to benzos and are having trouble trying to stop your use, you might benefit from professional treatment that includes detoxification, or detox.

What Happens During Withdrawal

What happens during Benzos withdrawal

If you are addicted to benzos and attempt to stop using these substances, you may experience distressing withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, stomach pain, and dizziness. The intensity of these symptoms can cause a person to relapse, meaning that he or she goes back to benzo use after stopping.

Relapse prevention is a necessary skill for every patient who is in recovery from benzo addiction. Starlite Recovery Center can help you end your dependence on benzos and learn the skills and strategies that can help you resist relapse.

Our Detox Services

Detoxification for Benzos addiction at Starlite Recovery Center

Here at Starlite Recovery Center, we know that it takes courage to begin a treatment program, and we commend individuals who work to make this positive change in their lives. Our team of compassionate experts is here to help every step of the way, going above and beyond to ensure that all patients are given the best shot at lasting recovery.

We assess the unique needs of our patients to determine if detox is appropriate for them, and we make sure that all patients receive the services that will be most beneficial to them on their path to recovery. When necessary, treatment professionals may also supply medications that are designed to minimize the impact of withdrawal symptoms, ensuring that the process is as comfortable as possible.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox

Long-term benefits of detox for Benzos addiction

Ongoing untreated benzo addiction can be extremely distressing. But thankfully, by participating in a program that includes detox services, you can take an important first step towards long-term recovery.

Detox services can provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other areas of your recovery so that you can break free from the confines of benzo addiction. From helping you to understand why and how your benzo addiction developed, to equipping you with the skills necessary to avoid benzo use in the future, Starlite Recovery Center is dedicated to keeping you focused on your recovery.

At Starlite Recovery Center, we are pleased to provide you with the services you need to keep your benzo use in the past. If you have been searching for comprehensive care that includes detox, please contact us today.

My son had many negative influences in his social group. I knew he hit rock bottom when I found out that he was hoarding benzos from people he stole from. We discovered Starlite Recovery Center and admitted him for treatment as soon as we could. After going through treatment, he has more control over his life and is looking into employment again!

– Carolyn C.