Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Drug Rehab in Texas?

If you currently hold a health insurance policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield, otherwise known as BCBS, your benefits may cover the cost of receiving treatment for a substance abuse problem.

Depending on the specifics of your policy, some or all of your care can be received at no charge to you if you simply check to see what types of treatment are covered and the amount of money allocated to partaking in professional addiction treatment services.

What is important to know, however, is that BCBS insurance policies can vary from state-to-state. Given this fact, it is important to recognize and understand the necessity of learning the details of your own policy so that you are able to maximize the benefits you are entitled to. For those in Cedar Point and the surrounding San Antonio area, BCBS insurance is provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, which could provide coverage for different services when compared to other states’ BCBS policies. By confirming your policy details with BCBS of Texas, you can begin to understand how much of the cost of drug rehab services are covered so that you are able to determine a financial plan in the event you or a loved one is in need of this type of care.

At Starlite Recovery Center, we are prepared to help you or an important person in your life navigate the sometimes confusing process of verifying insurance benefits, and can inform you of the out-of-pocket expense, if any, that may need to be paid if your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy does not cover the full cost of drug rehab or other services. In many instances, BCBS may cover the entire cost of care, though we want to help you through this portion of the treatment-seeking process with greater ease and less uncertainty.

What Types of Drug Rehab Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover?

Depending upon the needs of the individual, treatment that includes detoxification, or detox, services followed by inpatient or residential treatment may be necessary. Conversely, some people may only require less intensive levels of care, such as partial hospital programming (PHP) or intensive outpatient programming (IOP), in order to overcome a chemical dependency problem. The need for a particular level of care is determined when one completes an assessment for services at a treatment center. Once done, an individual can follow through on the recommendation for treatment set forth by the treatment provider and begin walking on the road to sobriety.

However, before an individual begins the recommended services, his or her insurance benefits are verified to determine the portion of the cost of care that is covered. Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover the cost of various levels of treatment, though it is imperative to determine if the services you are recommended to participate in will be covered by your health insurance.

When you or your loved one contacts Starlite Recovery Center, it is a good idea to have your insurance card on hand. Our staff will likely ask for your group and policy numbers, and other pertinent information so that they can verify your benefits and inform you how much of your treatment will be covered by BCBS of Texas.

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab is Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Different health insurance policies have different parameters in place for the type of services covered, as well as the set amount of money designated to cover those services. Additionally, most health insurance plans also have a policy in place that limits the amount of money allocated to paying for a service to within one calendar year. Therefore, if you are interested in receiving drug rehab services, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the details of your BCBS of Texas policy.

If you are interested in the specific cost of drug rehab services at Starlite Recovery Center, feel free to contact our admissions team at your convenience. During a conversation with our staff, you can learn about your exact cost of care when using your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas insurance.

What Can I Do if Blue Cross Blue Shield Doesn’t Cover All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

In choosing Starlite Recovery Center as the place to begin your recovery journey, you will soon come to know our commitment to and compassion for the individuals we treat. We strive to make every interaction and experience with us as positive as possible, and we will do all that we can to make the beginning stages of your recovery as simple as can be.

When you contact our center to begin the admissions process, we will discuss the financial aspect of seeking treatment straight away. We do this so as to alleviate any potential concerns or deterrents that could prevent you from getting the care you need to overcome an addiction, and so that you know what your insurance will cover. If for any reason BCBS does not cover the full cost of your treatment, we will work in collaboration with you to determine a financial plan that is manageable.

How Can I Confirm my Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits?

If you are interested in drug rehab at Starlite Recovery Center, we can confirm your Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits for you. We can also let you know how much your insurance will cover, the types of services that you can receive using your insurance, and any other details about your insurance that you may have questions about. We aim to help you access the services you need as quickly as possible, so we are happy to help you in any way we can during the preliminary steps of seeking care.

If you have any additional questions about Statlite Recovery Center’s treatment, or questions about how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas can help you pay for services, give us a call today. We are here to help.

I felt alone in this world confronting my problems. Fortunately, the staff at Starlite Recovery Center are well-equipped in their fields and were able to provide me with the assistance I needed in the admissions process. Starlite Recovery Center changed my life for the better!

– Susan A.